Once upon a time there was a land of great mountains, beautiful prairies; kissed on the east and the west by oceans white with foam; great expansions of freedom, connected to the north and the south. The land was inhabited by a group of people who took care of it, loved it, lived on it, with it and for it.

One day, there came upon the land, a group of visitors. Some got along with the locals, others despised them, yet others killed them. Some of the visitors came because of hate, others because of love and yet others because they could.

Soon the visitors became people who inhabited the land, took care of it, loved it, lived on it and for it.  But still there was hate, and there was love and they did what they wanted because they could.

Every group of people has a leader. And the visitors, who were no longer visitors, chose a leader. And every chance they got they chose a new leader. Some leaders were good, some were bad, some help, some hurt. But still the people lived on.

As the years went on more visitors came. Some good, some bad, some help, some hurt. The land became an even greater land with great cities, beautiful towns; kissing the heavens with its buildings, touching the earth with its gifts.

But the people forgot the land, they only thought about themselves. They stretched it farther than it could go, borrowed from its future to pay their present. They became greedy. They started to kill each other and even those who were about to get there. They began to draw lines across the land that limited, restricted and separated.

They never asked who put the land there, why they put it there and why were they allowed to be there. Instead of stopping to look to find these answers themselves from the One who put the land there, they kept choosing leaders that they thought would give them the answers. One day they decided that it was time they asked the One who put the land there not for the answers they needed but for a leader they wanted.

A new leader was chosen. They felt that they had chosen well.  Indeed they celebrated that they had asked the One who put the land there to help them choose. That leader will save the land. Instead that leader drew longer and thicker lines. He stopped the visitors from coming. Those who chose him celebrated. “Now they will have more for themselves”, they thought. “Now we will be great again!”

The years passed. Some people lived. Some people died. Some help. Some hurt.  But all could see, they thought they had chosen a Cyrus but they indeed were ruled by a Nebuchadnezzar. And there were no visitors to replace them.

“Good departed and evil was regular, The lord became angry and got furious. He gave the command and the gods of the land abandoned it […] its people were incited to commit crime. The guardians of peace became furious, and went up to the dome of heaven, the spirit of justice stood aside. …who guards living beings, prostrated the people, they all became like those who have no god. Evil demons filled the land, the namtar-demon […] they penetrated the cult centers. The land diminished, its fortunes changed. The wicked Elamite, who did not hold (the land’s) treasures in esteem, […] his battle, his attack was swift. He devastated the habitations, he made them into a ruin, he carried off the gods, he ruined the shrines.”(The seed of kingship, lines 15-24.)

The land diminished, its fortunes changed.