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“While the women were on their way, some of the guards went into the city and reported to the chief priests everything that had happened.” Matthew 28:11 NIV.

The women went looking for Jesus at the tomb and instead found an angel of the Lord who told them that Jesus wasn’t there. Then the angel told them to go on their way and tell the others. On their way to tell the others, Jesus met them.  The women responded with worship. He encouraged them, “Do not be afraid,   go and tell the others.”

The women went “on their way” following Jesus’ instructions. “While the women were on their way”, the guards, who had been guarding the tomb, went ahead to give a report to the chief priests – the religious leaders of the time.

It is interesting that the guards at the tomb were Roman soldiers and instead of reporting to their superiors in the Roman army they went to the religious leaders. Why?  Well, it was the religious leaders who had petitioned the Roman Governor Pilate to place guards at the temple and to seal the tomb.

Interesting that the guards at the tomb were really the first witnesses of  Jesus’ resurrection. They reported everything that had happened to the chief priests: the earthquake, the angel, the empty tomb.

Has it ever occurred to you that while you are on your way to witness others are also doing the same for different reasons? Has it ever occurred to you that not everyone who shares the good news of Jesus’ resurrection does it with the right motivation or for the right reasons?

The women were “on their way” to give news of what had happened –the earthquake, the angel, the empty tomb, Jesus meeting them – to the disciples who would perhaps receive the news as hope. The guards were “on their way”  to give the news of what had happened to the chief priests who would definitely receive the news as despairing.  The women were filled of joy and the guards were filled with fear.

On the way to do God’s bidding, are you joyful or fearful? On the way to give an account of what Jesus has done in your life, are you doing it for you or to honor Jesus?

Pray Proverbs 14:25 Acts 4:20

Heavenly Father, on the way to do your will may I do it to honor you. On the way to share the good news of your love for us so great that You sent your Son to die for us, may I do it to draw attention to You and not to me.

Holy Spirit, guide me to all truth, I want to be a truthful witness that saves lives.

Let it be, O God, that I cannot help speaking about what You have done for me.

I could Sing of Your Love Forever!