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“Suddenly Jesus met them. “Greetings,” he said. They came to him, clasped his feet and worshiped him.” Matthew 28:9 NIV

The women had left hurriedly from the tomb, afraid yet filled with joy, running to tell the others what the angel had told them. The tomb was empty. Jesus is alive!

Suddenly–quickly and unexpectedly–without warning, Jesus met them. On their way to do what the angel instructed them to do, Jesus met them. On their way to tell others that Jesus was not in the tomb, Jesus met them. On their way to share with the disciples that Jesus is risen, Jesus met them. Suddenly –quickly and unexpectedly–without warning.

Webster Dictionary defines ‘suddenly’ as ‘happening unexpectedly; changing angle all at once; marked by abruptness; brought about in a short time.’

If you haven’t started out to do what God has asked you to do, get on your way. There is about to be a ‘suddenly’ of the Lord.

Get ready. Be obedient. Be expectant. Mark 13:33  Be vigilant. Be prayerful. Be about the Lord’s business.

There will be a suddenly of the Lord, an unexpected intervention of the Lord, a new thing, a new season. He will meet up with you as you obey. He will meet up with you as go on your way and share.

A “suddenly” of the Lord  is a moment when God surprisingly breaks into time and space with an intervention of the Kingdom. This suddenly will bring you such awe that your only response will be to fall on your knees and worship God.

Pray Revelation 2:7 Acts 12:7 2 Samuel 22:50 

Heavenly Father, give me ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to me. Give me a hunger for your Word. Give me a passion for prayer. Give me a love for the lost.

Lord, I will obey your Word! Lord, I will spend time in dialogue with you! Lord, I will share your love with the unloved, the lost, the least! And I will speak of your love for them!

Father, I expect you to intervene suddenly in my life, my family, my congregation, my community, my city, my state and my nation!  I will be vigilant.

I praise you God for you are worthy of all praise. I give you honor for you are worthy of all honor. I worship you everywhere!

Show me your glory, Lord!